We are the center ground and rallying point of Chicago where communities and leaders of all backgrounds can meet to share ideas, collaborate, and build positive reputations with each other :D

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Our Beginning

We began as a collaboration of many people from diverse backgrounds. What brought us together was the desire to do something bigger than ourselves for the city we live in and love. Chicago is an amazing place that celebrates diversity and gives opportunity to so many people. What inspired us was the need to knit together communities from all over the city whether they’re ethnic communities, professional, personal, or otherwise. We wanted to create a rallying point where leaders and communities can come together.


“We need to be the center ground where we can create a safe place for people to share ideas and collaborate with people from different backgrounds with different skills.”

— Noah Simon, FOUNDER


Our Mission

“Awaken unity consciousness in the hearts and minds of every Chicagoan.”


Our Events

We host a monthly social where you can start the night and then head out downtown for dancing, drinks, or dinner with the new friends and connections you make. Who knows where your night will lead you :)

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Our Technology

We are technology creators, passionate about finding new areas to explore. When we discover a new idea we start building for fun, challenge, and glory. Two projects are currently in BETA testing. The first is the Chicago Skill Share and the second is a game called Ace Squadron.

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Get Involved

If you live in Chicago we want to get to know you! Join us as we unite the City of Chicago. As a member of our team you’ll expand your network, make new friends, grow into a leader, and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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Founding Collaborator & Parent Company

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