Getting ready for our launch party

Man it’s exciting, we’re all making movements to get our launch party ready.

Anthony and I scouted out a handful of venues last Saturday to see where we could host #UniteChicago. It was a lot of fun because we got to meet a handful of industry professionals and had a good time with them. Of course it’s real business but it’s always good when the relationships come first.

A few places stood out, we won’t say which ones yet but I will mention none of them looked un-doable. Really we think we’d do great in any one of those venues. Some had added benefits like an attached club or restaurant. I posted all the places we saw on our instagram, you can follow us @UniteChicagoTeam. We’re going to post pictures of our events and updates.

We also got our Facebook page put together and ready for the public. You can like us at We’re going to post events, updates, and memes on our page.

Finally, we also finished our website! We’re a Chicago based Event and Technology company. We can build your website or you can come to one of our events to meet us. Most of us on the team have web development experience and two of us have event hosting experience. We are all good with people and pretty easy going. Thanks for checking out our website!

Our big launch event is happening February 16th, 2019 so mark your calendars! :)

#UniteChicago Launch Party With Some Networking
Venue TDB
Saturday - Feburary 16th, 2019
7 - 10 pm

Come with and bring friends!