The Growing #UniteChicago Team

Launched in January 2019, #UniteChicago is a growing movement and team. We’re setting forth to unite the City of Chicago through our events and technology. Right now, our team is growing and we are inching closer to our goal.

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Noah Simon, Co-Founder & Team lead

When the time is right, it all falls into place. Now is a good time, while the world is being connected and we live in the age of inventions. We’re making small movements to start #UniteChicago smoothly. For now, we’re going to be ramping up our media campaign and we hope to see you at one of our events!


Featured Chicagoans

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Eric Clarke
eClarke Photography

Eric Michael Clarke is a Chicago-based award winning event photographer with a focus in the commercial field. Eric has been producing quality work for as long as he can remember, and has spent his life forwarding his creative abilities. He has spent many years studying both domestically and internationally, and has frequently shot alongside masters with the intent of learning even more about his work. 

Eric has captured events and worked on shoots in Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago, experiencing many of the challenges and rewards of working in metropolitan environments to create the perfect image. He has also learned to appreciate the diversity a city can offer, and he has honed his talents to show people in the environment that suits them best. Eric is right at home in Chicago, a city always needing the right image for the right moment, and he’s looking forward to working with you. Request a quote today!

Eric has shot for organizations such as Netflix, Toyota, Walgreens, Asics, Activision, Make a Wish, St. Jude, House of Laughs, Yahoo News, 1871, Abbott Laboratories, and SocialMedia.Org.

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Our team is growing… stay tuned for more updates

We are constantly creating new opportunities for our team and partners. Get in contact with Noah at to learn about opportunities we may have open.